House Progress… 

Hi! I’ve been house-excited lately. We’ve been progressing pretty slowly for the 10-ish months. {mainly due to our sweet 10-month-old Roman and his 2-year-old older brother Ryker being handfuls} BUT FINALLY we have concrete plans to get sh!t done!! 

We had to make some compromise as to what we want to do ourselves, and what we want to hire out via Craigslist handymen. In my eyes, I want my hubby and I to do just about everything. But with two youngs babes, that means one person works and one person watches the kids. So naturally progress is slow. Also, in hubby’s eyes, he doesn’t agree to doing everything. Needless to say, we’ve finally agreed what we’re going to do ourselves and what we’re going to hire out. 

We’re getting the living room carpeted and foyers tiled. The foyers have horribly cracked concrete and aren’t as simple as just tiling.

 But we’re doing demo ourselves. Check in the box. We’re getting drywall finished by a professional. Hubby is hanging it himself, and is almost done! He also did all the demo of old drywall himself. 

Our inlaws are helping us with kitchen tile. 

And we’re hiring via Craigslist a carpenter who will build us a custom base cabinet design by me. 

We’re also going to have him fix some living room wainscoting and exterior brick soldier course. 

My friend is coming to teach me how to wallpaper.  Here is the adorbs constellation wallpaper we got for our oldest son’s accent wall, along with chose paint color. 


Gallery Wall – Better Late Than Never!

So, I’ve had my gallery wall layout picked for OVER a YEAR now. This picture was taken right before Christmas 2015 😀

Now, January 2017, I am ready to complete my gallery wall. LOL.

Here is the LAYOUT:


Here is how it was for … about a year:





Any Ideas!? Please!

This beaut used to be a kitchen built in that we he pulled out to expand the kitchen. It’s really well made, all real wood, and pretty old. Probably original to our 1942 house. If not original, then from the late 50s early 60s, the one time the kitchen was previously re-done. We definitely don’t want to get rid of this! But we don’t know what to do with it. Our bathroom remodels won’t have the space and we aren’t wanting to open up any dining room walls. Any one with ideas please comment!!

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:


Living in a Renovation

I love the fact that we bought a fixer upper for our first house. I really do. But sometimes I just want a nice, comfy, cozy, clean house to chill in. Then I snap out of it and tell myself to keep dreaming. Sometimes I’ll force myself to shift that energy towards finishing a project. Whatever. Here is an example of what I am living in.

Yes, the kitchen could definitely be cleaner.

img_8802 Here is what it looked like before we tore down the stove hood and upper cupboards:


Yep, the mess is part of my life. This is right after unloading the uppers.

Lesson Learned

You know how on the back of a spray paint can it says not to use it if the temperature is below 50 degrees? Well, my husband won’t allow me to spray paint in the house or garage (since I’m pregnant), so I just did some spray painting outside. It’s about 32 degrees. This is what happened: 


I’m spray painting jar lids for my craft room so I can put my cute stuff out all prettily.  


Fireplace Mantle Redo

We’ve finally completed something!! Well,,,… not fully. But… it looks good at least for now! No – not the entire living room. However, we have {almost} completed the fireplace/mantle. Here are some before pics:


Beautiful border with grapes and roses.


We love the fireplace with the wood stove insert. It was one of our favorite features of the house. However, the whole room was very outdated.

Here is the AFTER!


We took the border off the walls. Then we painted walls and ceiling a fresh coat of flat white. We sanded down all the wood wainscoting. We painted it all an eggshell white except for the gray mantle pieces above. I HATED it until i painted the brick gray too. Now i basically love it. Yes, i did paint the red ceramic tile below the fireplace with regular latex paint. That is why i say this is not fully completed yet. It obviously scratches off really easily and is not a permanent solution. We plan to re-tile eventually. I sure do love my mantle decor though 🙂


Here is a pretty before and after picture 🙂

Before and After

The Progression of DIY Remodeling – The Not-So-Fun Stuff

We are working on about a million different projects at all times. I wanted to show one such project that is no where near completion, but you can definitely see progress. And just keep in mind, my husband and i have a 1 year old, have never even owned a home before, and have never really done much of this type of thing. So we are going slowly.


The picture below is the dining room looking into the kitchen, and through to the living room. This is WITH wall.



Here is a picture WITHOUT wall. Hubby took the wall down largely by himself. Yes, demo is one of the easier things but still. Notice the sagging ceiling drywall and the weird area where there used to be a pantry, that is open to the attic.


In the picture below, we’ve cleaned up a bit.  We’ve taken out the layers of old flooring and exposed the hardwood, which was weirdly patched and we’re probably going to have to fully replace. We have started to create our bedroom hallway. We did this because we didn’t want our bedroom opening up directly facing the stove (we will be moving the stove in the next month or two).


The picture below is where we are today. Notice we turned the weird attic opening/pantry hole into a cubby! I love the cubby because this old house is very short on storage and the cubby will be a (blanket?) storage area in the future. Ta da!