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Merry Late Christmas!




Christmas Gift Making – DIY Crafts!

Hi! I love the holidays. I love giving gifts, getting together with family, taking time off work/school, the Christmas spirit, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations….. all of it!

Of course, with money being what it is, I can not always buy everyone everything I want to get them. So, here are my plans 🙂

(All found from Pinterest, click them for the links)


I want to make this for two of my sisters and mom. They don’t read my blog {only one even knows I have a blog!} so it’s all good 🙂 . All you need is a cheap picture frame, metal screen, a stable gun {I don’t have a staple gun so I might use hot glue or super glue instead} and pegs or tacks. I might use metal screw in pegs. I will probably also paint the frames in a pretty color like maybe light teal or something.


I am making this for my mom and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wanted a notepad that he can put next to the phone for numbers – he is a farmer who sells hay and they don’t have cell phones! Their’s might have pretty paper instead of a calendar background. I probably will also make one for my sister in nursing school because she is very organized, and why not? Also one for my friend and my other sister who is a freshy in college. All you need is a cheap picture frame, paint samples or pretty paper for the background, and dry erase markers!


I am thinking about making these for one of my cousins, my Granny, my sister who’s a freshy, my mom, and a couple friends. All you do is melt cheap beads in the oven, in a round baking dish, then drill a hole and put fish line through it. I am a little worried, though, that this may be one of those crafts that seems like it will be so easy and cute, but then turns out lame and something you don’t want to give as a gift {more about crafts like that later!}. I may try to make a few small ones in ramekins  and then put like three of them together to make some sort of wind blowy chime-ish outdoor suncatcher. Not sure! Gotta see how the first one turns out.


I am excited about these. I will make one for my sister in high school and one for my cousin in high school. I wish I had more people to make them for because they seem super easy and cute. The hard part will be making them the right size for a head. The woman who makes this just uses two hair ties, ribbon, this stuff called fray check {I’ll use clear nail polish}, scissors, and a sewing machine {I do not have a sewing machine, I’ll either sew by hand or use super glue}.

I will be sure to post about the finished products! Excited to make them!

*UPDATE* Meal Planning for the Week

It has been a little over a week from when I started my meal planning. I want to share what I learned from this first week, problems I encountered and what I will do differently.

It started out very well. I didn’t stop to buy food or run down to the convenience store. It was nice to know that I already had these premade meals waiting for me. However, my biggest problem was that I didn’t allot enough food for myself. I thought the salmon with avocado salsa would be enough for lunch but when I brought it to work for lunch and felt hungry afterwards, I counted the calories and realized it was less than 200 calories. My breakfast had also been only 200 calories. So then I was way too starved to workout when I got home from work and instead ate dinner and then ate a bunch of peanut butter. Like a bunchhh of peanut butter {peanut butter is a total addiction for me}.

I also made a tomato salad recipe that had 4 or 5 servings. I made it on Friday or Saturday I think, but I set my meals up so that I didn’t end up eating the last serving of it until the following Wednesday or Thursday. It was gross by then and I threw it away.  But counting calories-wise, it really didn’t matter because the tomato salad hardly had any and on the days where I ate that as a side, I again was very very hungry. Needless to say, I ate a LOT of peanut butter at night last week. Luckily, I had a peanut butter surplus. But I am out now.

I am going home to MI in 3 days for Christmas {yay yay yay yay yayyyyyyy}, so I only planned about 4 days of food this week. But this time, I focused more on food that I know I like and I know fills me up. It is kind of boring, but easy stuff like eggs, almonds, apples, spaghetti, soup and oatmeal are staples this week. Two hard-boiled eggs, almonds, and an apple with cheese fills me up a lot more than salmon with avocado salsa or 1/5 of a chicken with brown rice recipe. I think meal planning can be fun, but a beginner like me needs to shy away from the recipes I’m unfamiliar with because bad things happen when I am starved. I don’t work out, I pig out at night, … well those are the only two I can think of.

But anyway, the lesson is: make sure you know how many calories you are Actually allotting for each meal and each day – make sure it’s enough so that you don’t want to pig out later!  Make sure you have enough to make everything you want to make {I thought I had more ground turkey than I actually had and ended up not being able to make one of the meals I planned on making}. Try to avoid making food with raw fruit or veggies that will sit in the fridge for more than 3 days or so.

DIY Wall Art – Tin Can Lanterns on Twine

I am so very proud of this craft that I made to take up some of the emptiness above my couch. I am weird and save all of my tin cans {along with glass jars, plastic jars, bottlecaps, wine corks, etc.} because they have so much crafting potential.

I created this design using two different tin can crafts that I found on Pinterest. Here they are:


Here is the link for the Pinterest posting. The original link does not seem to work. I really liked how this used different sized cans, because that’s what I have.


(Link Here) I loved the candles in this one. What I wanted to do was the layout and wall mount of the top picture with the cuteness {fabric, candles, twine} of the second picture. I didn’t have a pretty hanger, and also didn’t want to hang a hanger on the wall in the middle of my house. However, when I tried putting candles in the cans that I had, I became worried that the fabric or twine would get too hot and could risk starting a fire. Using what I had, I came up with the design for this beauty!

My Beautiful Tin Can Wall Lantern Craft

My Beautiful Tin Can Wall Lantern Craft

I think it is easy to see what I’ve done but just in case, here is a quick set of directions.

Cut the fabric in the correct size and glue around the cans. I used Tacky Glue. Then, cut twine to wrap twice around the rim of the can. Cut enough to also be able to tie a bow. Put a glue dot on the back of the can and wrap the twine around. Press it down onto the glue. Do not tie the front bow yet.

Now, cut twine for however long you want this lantern to hang – that’s one piece for each side of the can, so two pieces. Also remember that the pieces will be folded in half. Loop each piece of twine through the other twine around the rim. Once you pull it even, tie the bow. Make sure the twine around the rim of the can is tight. Then just do this for all your cans.

For the wall hanging part, I put glue and then red glitter on the ends of 7 clear thumbtacks {overkill?}. Next, I pushed them evenly into the wall, with a width of wide long I envisioned my decoration to be. Then I tightly criscrossed more twine around the thumbtacks. Lastly, tie on your lanterns. And voila! Beautiful!