Outdoor Exterior and Backyard Redo Plans

Today I will share the exterior of my future house and our plans to spruce it up a bit.

Front of house


Front view

Front view

Here is the front view. Notice the flowers my fiancé bought to plant! He is so sweet. I never knew he
cared about plants and gardening until he started working on the flower beds. I’m not sure yet what
to do to the front of the house besides the flowers that Steven is going to plant. The wood around the
flowerbeds could use a fresh coat of paint or they could even be replaced with some fresh, short, cute,
white fencing. Maybe we can line the side of the driveway and the walkway with that wood. Of course
we will have to get a cute welcome mat. Maybe some solar lights. I need to do research on easy ways to
spruce up the front of a house.

Side of house

Side of house

Not so nice, but let’s be honest: $350 a month for three bedrooms has to have flaws
somewhere. We’ll have to look into power washing or repainting. This will be a good job for Steven

Backyard Gate

Backyard Gate



And last but not least, my favorite part of the entire house! The cutest cutest cute backyard. The little
gate and cement wall is so Secret Garden-y to me! The laundry room door is behind whatever that thing
is next to the wood fence. It is not under the roof overhang. Steven is planning on building an in-ground
fire pit, which I am so happy about! I don’t know if we’ll build a pavilion like the neighbors have, but I
do know that we will have a vegetable garden next to one of the walls somewhere. I want to put white
lights around that tree in the corner. I also want to get a cute string of lights, like maybe fruit lights or
margarita glasses or whatever I can find for a good deal. I have a feeling this is going to be an area where
we do the major things first – firepit, lights, garden, mow – and then gradually add more and more.

Check back for picture of the front flower beds once Steven has planted the flowers. You must know,
however, that Steven is not a landscaper by any means. I was so surprised that he bought all those
plants and I am going to be very happy with whatever he does.


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Exterior and Backyard Redo Plans

  1. Hi, ok your name grabbed my attention, as I am a creative cat lady as well, and it.s been since Dec so I am dying to see what you have done, because I have a very ugly backyard and need inspiration 🙂

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