DIY Sun Catcher Bead Craft

These are probably my favorite craft I have made yet. I love them!

I made them in small ramekins.  Once they were done, I drilled a hole and strung them with fish line. If you have one of those window suction cups you can put those on; I wish I had those! You can also make other things like bowls or plates – I plan to do this soon! I cooked them at 410 degrees and put them in the freezer directly after. However, the ones I made in thin metal tins got cloudy in the freezer possibly because they cooled too quickly. It was so fun to play around with 🙂 Some I didn’t cook as long and they looked pretty cool too. Here are the pictures I took of them on my phone.




(more pictures to come!)


Here is the link from Pinterest that I initially got the idea from.



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