Building a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

I live in a small-ish studio apartment in the DC Metro area. Of course, before I moved in, I researched many ways to create a bedroom in a studio apartment. Many people created rooms using curtains or bookshelves or those little tri-fold movable walls. I didn’t like how the curtains looked and my layout was a little bit unique. I didn’t think the bookshelves would work for me either because I didn’t want to create a weird walkway to get to the kitchen, I didn’t want to half block the glass sliding door and only window either, and I had to have an area that I could turn into the living room. Below are the pictures of what I came up with. I am not done by any means, and was waiting to post this whole thing until I added a few more decorations, but I have gotten many compliments on my setup by guests and friends  so I thought it couldn’t hurt to share.


Studio Apartment1

View of the bedrom area from sitting on the couch. There are two bookshelves like the one on the left, from Walmart for around $25 and the smaller shelf is from Target for about $30. At the time I took this picture, my Christmas decorations were still up! I am embarrassed the shelf under the TV looks so plain! I will post an updated picture.

Studio Apartment1

View of the whole setup from standing next to the kitchen. I am very happy with how I decided to lay out my apartment. The living room is right next to the balcony, and the shelves don’t need to block the sliding glass door. The yellow shelf is at an angle. I did this so that there wasn’t extra space lost at the head of the bed and to make the living room as big as possible. Yes, I know. I hate those plain, white, plastic dangly curtain-things that so many sliding glass doors have. That is another project.

Studio Apartment2

Sorry this image is so dark! I included it just because it shows a slightly different view of the whole setup.

Studio Apartment3

Yes, I know. The surrounding walls and space seems plain and boring. I promise I’m working on it! The yellow bookshelf was black just like the other one but I painted  it yellow to add a nice touch of color. 

Studio Apartment4

First view of my bed area. This is another area that I have big plans for. I have been looking for a big, white, metal Venetian mirror to go in the middle of the main wall here. I am also looking for a white, metal head board and foot board set. I have a set of white hanging shelves that fit in a corner but am waiting for my fiance (who lives in TX) to visit. I can do it myself, and probably should, but it is so much easier to have him do it!

Studio Apartment5

Lastly, The view from inside the ‘bedroom.’ I painted the backs of the two bookshelves that had grayish-brown cardboard backing. I nailed on the backing of the last bookshelf backwards since I was planning to paint the inside yellow. It is kind of ugly back here but much much better than a lot of alternatives. I am also very lucky that this apartment has a huge walk in closet. That made it okay to have such a tiny bedroom area.


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