Big News!!

I have some big news! My fiancé is (almost for sure) getting up a job up in the DC area! Our dreams are coming true! LOL. I am just so excited because after about 3 and a half years of spending almost all of our money on plane tickets to see each other, we are finally going to be able to start our life together. AND now we don’t have to constantly worry in the back of our mind that we might not be together even after we are married. How do things always end up working out? I really honestly wonder!

So, the sad part is that I don’t get to move into that cute house that I posted all the pics about and shared allll my decorating ideas. The good part is that my fiancé will be moving in with ME into my apartment. That means I have a million decorating and organizing things I need to do! SOOO excited! I obviously love decorating and now I have a reason to spruce up my house.

My apartment is roughly 523 square feet. It is a studio with a balcony, full size (and nice!) kitchen, pretty decent sized bathroom, and awesome closet space. There is a walk-in closet, a linen closet with shelves, a huge coat closet (half of it is my craft closet), and a kitchen pantry. The bathroom has more than enough storage space for just me (well, the whole apartment does actually), the kitchen has tons of shelves, and I have three bookcases as well.

The first thing I need to do is organize all my stuff.

I will be posting one-by-one before and after pictures of each that I take on.


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