New Apartment! Layout and Decorating plans

Big news! We are moving! We finally found a one bedroom in a nice location that won’t completely break the bank. Here is a rough floorplan:

One Bedroom Color [Converted].eps

The only differnce is that we won’t have the wierd two enterances – There won’t be a kitchen entry door. Everything else is roughly the same.

I bought these from Amazon for the kitchen:

stools winsome

So Excited to get the barstools!

I am going to draw out the apartment layout and then I will post it!


Chalkboard Wedding Decorations!


I found two big picture frames at goodwill. I spray painted the glass with black chalkboard paint and the frames with rustoleum flat white spray paint. Super simple!! One is going to be the bar sign, saying the bride’s drink: tequila and lime, the groom’s drink: jager and redbull, and father if the bride’s drink: glass of scotch.

The other one will either be the sign saying something about find your name and table number.. or.. we may want everyone to post wedding pictures to a certain instagram hashtag.

Any other ideas??

Oh, and I saw the cross at goodwill as well and thought I could spray paint it white and use it as a reception decoration.