DIY Wedding Ideas!

I just got married on 8/31! I made a large number of the decorations for my wedding. We haven’t received the photos from the photographer yet but here are some from friends who posted on Facebook.

The wedding was in South Haven, MI. Ceremony was at McIntosh Orchard and Wine Cellar. We got dressed in the wine cellar, which was very cool! A number of early guests and wedding party members got glasses of hard cider. A few even bought bottles of wine. It was perfect. The reception was at Foundry Hall. Foundry Hall is a very old building that serves as a concert hall, a great place for wedding receptions and other things i’m sure. The rehearsal dinner was at Joe’s Bar & Grill, on the rooftop. They reserved a large section of seating for us and we were up there during the sunset. It was perfect. We also reserved the back section of a salon in town called Castle Spa. A couple people brought fruit skewers, breakfast sandwiches an mimosas for everyone. We got hair, makeup and lashes. It was pretty perfect also (sadly, I don’t have any pictures of this part right now).

We tried to do a budget wedding. Of course, things cost more than we had hoped. We didn’t really keep track but our budget was $8,000 and I am sure we went over. We sent out 150 invitations and had about 140 people attend. My husband and I did basically everything ourselves. We saved money by not doing catering, hiring a bartender and shuttle driver off of Craigslist, chose a reception location that would allow us to do whatever we wanted for food and drinks, made most of our own food and dessert, and hired my (excellent!) cousin as our photographer. We used an iPod instead of a DJ (I would actually not recommend this!). We got table cloths from Amazon, grooms father and my brother in law made all of the wood stuff. We picked up our own kegs, table and chairs, and set everything up ourselves (with the help of our huge wedding party). All in all, for a young couple living in DC with little help from parents, I think we threw a pretty good wedding and I am very proud of us!

540096_10200670836639995_905434033_nPicture from the rehearsal dinner rooftop bar. I loved that we were up there during sunset.

I made a bunch of chalk boards out of Goodwill picture frames. I was so flustered and stressed that morning that we ended up not even using all of them. One of my bridesmaids or family members wrote this adorable quote at some point before the wedding and hung it in a tree.


Every other aisle chair had these. We had an awesome flower lady. We paid $650 for flowers which included all (10!) bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, the chair decorations and babies breath for the centerpieces. She did all the chairs and put all the flowers in the centerpieces. The price was definitely a benefit of using a lot of babies breath, but I think it is perfect for rustic weddings!

1.11Yes, I had 9 bridesmaids! I love the colors. The colors could have been inter-mixed differently but I was trying so hard not to be a bridezilla that I kind of let this part go. Oh well though! I personally love them. The all picked their own dresses, which just had to be within the color scheme. Shoes and belts just had to be dark brown. I got a dark brown braided bracelet that they are each wearing and I also got them the nail polish they are wearing. I wish I would have gotten a cute picture of that! Maybe I will have to go back and take one.

2.This is my littlest sister reading our bible verse. It was very special to me that she did this. I love it.

2.1We rode back to the reception in the back of trucks! I was in the other truck with my groom and all the groomsmen. It was so great though! Since it was Labor Day weekend, the small town was packed with people. A random group was doing a scavenger hunt and needed pictures of a wedding party so they were chasing us taking pictures. That made some people in the wedding party feel like they were cool 🙂

2.9provided by the hall! Love it

3.I made the table number name tags and tied each and every one of them. Ah! But it turned out super cute though. Mother in law made the Christmas  lights with tulle. I also made those picture frame chalk boards. Apparently someone thought these were dangerous fireworks and wrote the other sign. I bought them thinking they were Roman Candles but they turned out to just be torch-like sparklers. Still cool though.

3.1Wedding favor table! Coozies say The Hunt is Over! The shot glasses light up and say Fill. Drink. Repeat. S+N. We didn’t have time to set this up so someone asked the Groomsmen to do it and this is what they came up with 🙂

3.11Another chalkboard I made. This quote I knew I wanted. Love it. This is right at the bar.

1148937_10151893437741528_619517353_nThis is our bar menu (Picture from before the wedding obviously). Made by the grooms father, painted by me. This is one of my favorite things! I kept it and have it hanging by the bar in my house.

3.111Father in law made the cake stand and mother in law got us the cake. I made the cake toppers 🙂 I wish I had a better picture of them!

4.A friend asked us if there was anything she could make or do to help. I told her we could always use some more desserts, so she made this beautiful cake! So cute.

4.1Our centerpieces. We had 16 tables so I made 16 small chalkboards for table numbers. I bought them all from Goodwill for 96 cents each.

4.11A few of the tabels had feathers. The wooden candle holders were made by my father in law and the wooden circles were made by my brother in law.

4.111 5.I used paper doilies for each place setting.Half the table clothes were white and lacey and the others were brown.

5.1You can see the bridal party table. It just had a bunch of candles and flowers. I made the little brown banner with left over chunks of paper that i made the invitations with. I also made cute toasting mason jar mugs for each person in the bridal party. I put a shooter of their favorite liquor in each. We also had two big bottles of hard perry cider for toasting. I really wanted to do something with the chairs like tie a cute bow on each or Something. But, it turned out being one of those things that we just didn’t have time for.

5.11One of the toasting glasses! They were all different. I tried to match the ribbon colors with their dress color. After I put all the stickers on on did the glitter writing, i sprayed acryllic spray over them. No stickers fall off with that stuff!

6.Hehe, everyone has that crazy uncle who brings his own bongo drum to family weddings 🙂


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