Balcony In Need Of A Redo




A while back I posted pictures of my cute little balcony that i decorated on a budget. Well, I have moved since then. And got a hammock. Our new balcony is much bigger. But the hammock was MUCH bigger than I thought it might be. Below are the “Before” pictures. There are no “After” pictures yet, but I hope to make the new balcony cute very soon! 

picture063The hammock is so comfy, even if it is WAY huge. picture064You can kind of see the two ‘chairs’ I had on my old balcony (lime green long cushion and pink cushion). I didn’t really get a good picture of the plants in the corner, but believe me, they are there. And they take up way more space than you can tell from the angle of these pictures. They are all about dead though since summer is coming to an end. I got a decent harvest out of them! A big planter with tomatoes, jalepenos, basil (only one I plan to keep), and green beans (super dead). One of the problems is I have a bunch of solar lights and the sun collector things are staked into some planters. Not sure what I’m going to do about this because the planters take up a reasonable amount of space and are now kind of ugly with the dead plants in them. 

And of course the freakin bikes take up a ton of space. But I don’t know where else we can put them. If it were up to me, we would have waited until we were not in high rise apartments to buy bikes but the hubs is in love with bike riding. Maybe we can keep them in the bedroom? Not sure… will that be better?

picture065From this pic, you can see the red patio set that we scavenged from the trash room. It is okay but I think we might store it away for camping or give it to my mom or something. We got a really cute (and Large – How is everything going to fit?!?!?!) patio furniture set from Target with gift cards from the wedding!

Target Patio FurnitureNow I just have to organize and decorate!!! Oh and one more thing, my favorite cute lights finally quit working. They shatter very easily it turns out!


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