Long Time No Post

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. So much has changed for me in the last year! Ever since a little before my wedding {8-31-13} I was too stressed, too busy, to keep up with crafting & blogging. Why? I’m not sure. Once my wedding was over I was SICK of DIY for a good long while. I took on so much for my wedding!

Then, I found out I was pregnant last year on February 10. I was VERY nauseous basically my whole pregnancy. I would cry when my husband cooked chicken because I swore he was doing it just to make me mad because he knew it bothered me {not true at all}. I {thankfully} had a job where I could work from home when I needed to, and was ALWAYS extremely tired. I would also go to sleep for the night once I got home from work many days. SO being pregnant is probably a valid excuse for my lack of crafting and blogging.

Also, we have been planning to move to TN for quite some time. We still live in DC. The plan was for me to find a job in January-ish of this year. I did not find one. Our lease was up Feb 7 and we knew we were not staying in that expensive, 1 bedroom apartment any longer. So, for a while {Even before baby came} I really didn’t want to craft too much because we were planning to move soon. {I did make a bunch of dream catchers, which I will post about soon, but not much else}

Like anyone who is a parent will understand, once you have your first child your life is turned upside down. Definitely no time for crafting for the first few months.

Present day – we move out of the old 1 bedroom apartment when the lease was up. We got a sub-lease that ends April 17th in a two bedroom apartment. Mr. Ryker Thomas is 5 months old in three days {!!!!!!} And I found a new job and we are moving to Tennessee in the next couple months!!

IMG_5188 IMG_5209

Right now everything is in boxes but I have already started planning EVERYTHING for our new house! We found a house! The inspection is actually happening today. YAY

Here is my dream baby nursery, although we haven’t lived anywhere that I have been able to do this. But SOON WE WILL!!

Baby Bedroom

I love this nursery. Maybe a little less pink since we have a baby boy. I also want a plain white fuzzy rug instead of the one in the picture.

This next picture is what I want to do for Ryker’s closet, but I would do light lime green instead of yellow. Can’t wait!!

Baby Bedroom2


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