The Progression of DIY Remodeling – The Not-So-Fun Stuff

We are working on about a million different projects at all times. I wanted to show one such project that is no where near completion, but you can definitely see progress. And just keep in mind, my husband and i have a 1 year old, have never even owned a home before, and have never really done much of this type of thing. So we are going slowly.


The picture below is the dining room looking into the kitchen, and through to the living room. This is WITH wall.



Here is a picture WITHOUT wall. Hubby took the wall down largely by himself. Yes, demo is one of the easier things but still. Notice the sagging ceiling drywall and the weird area where there used to be a pantry, that is open to the attic.


In the picture below, we’ve cleaned up a bit.  We’ve taken out the layers of old flooring and exposed the hardwood, which was weirdly patched and we’re probably going to have to fully replace. We have started to create our bedroom hallway. We did this because we didn’t want our bedroom opening up directly facing the stove (we will be moving the stove in the next month or two).


The picture below is where we are today. Notice we turned the weird attic opening/pantry hole into a cubby! I love the cubby because this old house is very short on storage and the cubby will be a (blanket?) storage area in the future. Ta da!



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