House Progress… 

Hi! I’ve been house-excited lately. We’ve been progressing pretty slowly for the 10-ish months. {mainly due to our sweet 10-month-old Roman and his 2-year-old older brother Ryker being handfuls} BUT FINALLY we have concrete plans to get sh!t done!! 

We had to make some compromise as to what we want to do ourselves, and what we want to hire out via Craigslist handymen. In my eyes, I want my hubby and I to do just about everything. But with two youngs babes, that means one person works and one person watches the kids. So naturally progress is slow. Also, in hubby’s eyes, he doesn’t agree to doing everything. Needless to say, we’ve finally agreed what we’re going to do ourselves and what we’re going to hire out. 

We’re getting the living room carpeted and foyers tiled. The foyers have horribly cracked concrete and aren’t as simple as just tiling.

 But we’re doing demo ourselves. Check in the box. We’re getting drywall finished by a professional. Hubby is hanging it himself, and is almost done! He also did all the demo of old drywall himself. 

Our inlaws are helping us with kitchen tile. 

And we’re hiring via Craigslist a carpenter who will build us a custom base cabinet design by me. 

We’re also going to have him fix some living room wainscoting and exterior brick soldier course. 

My friend is coming to teach me how to wallpaper.  Here is the adorbs constellation wallpaper we got for our oldest son’s accent wall, along with chose paint color. 


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