Bad Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger for the past few months! No new posts!

My main excuse is my camera and work computer, which is my only computer. Because of the weird security that I have on my work computer, it now encrypts my camera card whenever I put my carmera card into the computer and then I can no longer use the camera card in the camera once it is encrypted!

BUT my fiance got me a tablet – the new Windows Surface and I am hoping that once I figure out the sharing on it I can use it to take and upload pictures, easily. It has a really good camera!

Anyways, I have been pretty busy for the last few months. My fiance moved in with me (he found an awesome job opening right near DC, by me!) and now I will not be moving to Texas. The apartment is small and honestly pretty gross and messy and un-organized lately. I’ve been putting most of my time into the balcony garden which consists of about 7 planters (it isn’t very pretty).

I pretty much had a mental breakdown when my fiance first moved in. He didn’t bring too much with him, but some of the things he did bring were hard to incorporate into the apartment. The main thing was the movie theater grade surround sound system! First of all, the living room is tiny – it is a studio apartment! Second of all, I spent so much time and consideration on making my living room set up super cute and super functional. However, my fiance was SO picky about living somewhere with awesome movie watching capabilities. The TV was too high for him and he needed room for his stupid millions of speakers. So he got rid of my cute set up and instead decided we should use the only piece of furniture he brought with him – a white plastic beer pong-style folding table – as the TV stand. Luckily, we agreed this would be temporary.

There were millions of cords everywhere, speakers on the floor, cardboard boxes tilting other speakers in the ‘right’ direction… and my fiance was OK with leaving the house like this! I was not.

I literally freaked out on him daily about this. I guess I am kind of a control freak when it comes to decorating. Finally, we got a dark, big entertainment stand that wasn’t as cute as the original setup, but was a million times better than the plastic table. (WILL POST PICTURES SOON!)

The thing that I really feel that I lucked out on was that my fiance didn’t force us to hang his stuff and mounted jackalope head on the wall. I don’t know what I would have done! I would definitely have tried to get him to hang it in the closet or something.


So many things to post!

I have been really busy over the holidays! I bought a new car, made a ton of crafts for gifts, got engagement pictures taken, hired a friend to help us plan our wedding, and have made a bunch of big plans. The one thing I DID NOT do was read any of the books on my book list. Or stay in shape. Or master the splits. Or do yoga everyday. Or mail out my Save the Dates. Ahh but oh well.

I will add more postings with pictures of everything very very soon!

Oh, and Peanut is starting to grow this huge racoon/lemur tail! She is hard to photograph but I will try my best! It is the cutest thing ever.

Hello world!

Since this is my first posting {Yay!}, I should probably share a little about myself.

I’m Natalie and am 23 years old, living in the Washington DC Metro area and planning my wedding. I have one child who is a cat named Peanut. I love decorating and DIY projects. Once in a blue moon, I enjoy cooking {but always enjoy eating!}. I grew up on a dirt road in a small town and am trying to embrace the challenges of Big City Living. Decorating my small, fifteenth-floor studio apartment has been a lot of fun, as has learning to dress professionally for my new job, around fancy city people – no more ugly dress pants and plain button-downs! I am so excited to share my projects, ideas, tips, and cat pictures. In a few months, I will be moving to an {extremely ugly} rental house on a wildlife refuge in Southern Texas. Love Nature. Love Decorating. Hello South Padre Island!

And this is Peanut


She is my roommate. Also my child.

This is Peanut as a baby


This is Peanut about a month ago