More Beer Cap Christmas Ornaments

Here are my beautiful ornaments!



They are super easy to make. I cut out circles of cardboard. Then I sprayed the cardboard with glitter spray paint. Next hot glue the bottle caps on. Lastly, hot glue on a ribbon to hang them from and a bow!


Christmas Gift Crafts: Completed Product!

I posted before Christmas about all my plans for making Christmas gifts. Now I will show you the finished product! I am very proud of myself and all my crafting! 🙂

First off, here are the ornaments I made out of bottle caps:


Here are some bottlecap ornaments that I glittered and glued onto cardboard balls. Some people, like my fiance, might say they are ‘redneck’ but I like them!


Below are the dry erase calendars that I made out of picture frames and paint samples.

DSCN2685 DSCN2686 DSCN2687

DSCN2734 DSCN2737

Next I made headbands. This was kind of fun because I have a sister and cousins who are still in high school so I made some with their school colors for football games or whatever.

DSCN2699 DSCN2712

Last but not least, here are the earring, bracelet, necklace holders that I made out of wooden pictures frames, my drill, metal screen, paint, my new staple gun, and metal screw in hooks. I only took pictures of one, sadly.

DSCN2715 DSCN2732

I also made sun catchers that turned out awesomely. However, most of those pictures are on my phone so I will be adding them in another post.