Hello world!

Since this is my first posting {Yay!}, I should probably share a little about myself.

I’m Natalie and am 23 years old, living in the Washington DC Metro area and planning my wedding. I have one child who is a cat named Peanut. I love decorating and DIY projects. Once in a blue moon, I enjoy cooking {but always enjoy eating!}. I grew up on a dirt road in a small town and am trying to embrace the challenges of Big City Living. Decorating my small, fifteenth-floor studio apartment has been a lot of fun, as has learning to dress professionally for my new job, around fancy city people – no more ugly dress pants and plain button-downs! I am so excited to share my projects, ideas, tips, and cat pictures. In a few months, I will be moving to an {extremely ugly} rental house on a wildlife refuge in Southern Texas. Love Nature. Love Decorating. Hello South Padre Island!

And this is Peanut


She is my roommate. Also my child.

This is Peanut as a baby


This is Peanut about a month ago