House Project – Closing a doorway

As i mentioned before, our master bedroom had two doorways. I think this is because originally the room was built as a den, connected to the garage. Then the garage was remodeled into a living room and the doorway into it was kept. Here are some pics.


Door and door frame taken off


Took stairs off and framed it. It was open to the crawl space for a while – not cool


This isn’t the best pic but we drywalled over, removed wallpaper border, painted a fresh coat of flat white, put the wainscoting over where the stairs were. Now all we need is to fine a matching piece of trim (and clean).


Homemade Lampshade Chandelier

I created these lampshade chandeliers for over the dessert table at my wedding. They were pretty simple!

Chandelier Chandelier2 Chandelier3 Chandelier4

To make:

  • Lampshades – I found some old ones from Goodwill. They can’t be the paper type – must have metal running both horizontally and vertically.
  • Scissors/other tools for ripping all the fabric off the lampshade frame
  • Fabric to cover the thin pieces of metal that make up the lampshade frame
  • Pretty beads
  • String for beading
  • Twine to tie the beaded strings up (you can use ribbon or anything you want)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Something to attach it to the ceiling – I used fish line and tied it over a beam so this was easy

Step 1:

Remove the fabric from the lampshade. This was the hardest part for me! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you are going to cover this with fabric.

Step 2:

Cut your fabric into long, thin strips. About an inch wide. Hot glue these strips around the metal pieces of the lampshade frame. If you look at the pictures, you can see that I didn’t cover all the metal on the frame. The fabric came off well on one of the lampshades and I was short on time so I figured it looked okay.

Step 3:

String beads. I counted, I think it was something like 15 of the small beads, then 1 or 3 of the big beads. Then 30 small beads (15 + 15) then the big beads, then the small beads and so on. I think i alternated between 15 small beads and 17 small beads to give it a slightly different look. If your lampshade is greatly different than the ones I used, you may find it prettier to use different numbers of beads.

Step 4:

Tie the bead strand onto the chandelier. I tied them up with the twine and made little bows. Make sure to count out the 15 small beads (or however many you used) to make sure you are tying them up at the correct spot. I hot glued each of these bows in place to make sure nothing would shift.

Step 5:


DIY Sun Catcher Bead Craft

These are probably my favorite craft I have made yet. I love them!

I made them in small ramekins.  Once they were done, I drilled a hole and strung them with fish line. If you have one of those window suction cups you can put those on; I wish I had those! You can also make other things like bowls or plates – I plan to do this soon! I cooked them at 410 degrees and put them in the freezer directly after. However, the ones I made in thin metal tins got cloudy in the freezer possibly because they cooled too quickly. It was so fun to play around with 🙂 Some I didn’t cook as long and they looked pretty cool too. Here are the pictures I took of them on my phone.




(more pictures to come!)


Here is the link from Pinterest that I initially got the idea from.


Christmas Gift Making – DIY Crafts!

Hi! I love the holidays. I love giving gifts, getting together with family, taking time off work/school, the Christmas spirit, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations….. all of it!

Of course, with money being what it is, I can not always buy everyone everything I want to get them. So, here are my plans 🙂

(All found from Pinterest, click them for the links)


I want to make this for two of my sisters and mom. They don’t read my blog {only one even knows I have a blog!} so it’s all good 🙂 . All you need is a cheap picture frame, metal screen, a stable gun {I don’t have a staple gun so I might use hot glue or super glue instead} and pegs or tacks. I might use metal screw in pegs. I will probably also paint the frames in a pretty color like maybe light teal or something.


I am making this for my mom and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wanted a notepad that he can put next to the phone for numbers – he is a farmer who sells hay and they don’t have cell phones! Their’s might have pretty paper instead of a calendar background. I probably will also make one for my sister in nursing school because she is very organized, and why not? Also one for my friend and my other sister who is a freshy in college. All you need is a cheap picture frame, paint samples or pretty paper for the background, and dry erase markers!


I am thinking about making these for one of my cousins, my Granny, my sister who’s a freshy, my mom, and a couple friends. All you do is melt cheap beads in the oven, in a round baking dish, then drill a hole and put fish line through it. I am a little worried, though, that this may be one of those crafts that seems like it will be so easy and cute, but then turns out lame and something you don’t want to give as a gift {more about crafts like that later!}. I may try to make a few small ones in ramekins  and then put like three of them together to make some sort of wind blowy chime-ish outdoor suncatcher. Not sure! Gotta see how the first one turns out.


I am excited about these. I will make one for my sister in high school and one for my cousin in high school. I wish I had more people to make them for because they seem super easy and cute. The hard part will be making them the right size for a head. The woman who makes this just uses two hair ties, ribbon, this stuff called fray check {I’ll use clear nail polish}, scissors, and a sewing machine {I do not have a sewing machine, I’ll either sew by hand or use super glue}.

I will be sure to post about the finished products! Excited to make them!