House in the Woods – A Fixer Upper

As i said in my last post, hubby and i BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!! After putting in offers for four other properties and then losing them for one reason or another, we finally got one! It seemed like it was never going to happen. This house was not exactly our first choice – the backyard has a steep hill and the living room is four steps down from the rest of the house because it used to be a garage some 30-50 years ago. The house was built in 1942 and every single room needed updating.  But we saw that part as a good thing because we wanted a fixer upper that we can eventually make some cold hard cash on once we sell. Here are some before pictures.


Front of the house. Those brown interior shutters are gone now


Living room and front door #1 


Front door is on the left edge. Looking into kitchen




So much wood!!


Who doesn’t want a booth?


The beautiful booth and glass brick window


Dining room


Hallway – this is gone now


Bedroom #1 – Extra bedroom


Main bathroom – Beautiful pink


Bedroom #2 – Ryker’s room. It used to be TINY!


Our bedroom. You can jut see out of bedroom doorway #2 that goes into the living room. Also our bathroom.


And of course, the bathroom has the beautiful wall paper to match.


Hello world!

Since this is my first posting {Yay!}, I should probably share a little about myself.

I’m Natalie and am 23 years old, living in the Washington DC Metro area and planning my wedding. I have one child who is a cat named Peanut. I love decorating and DIY projects. Once in a blue moon, I enjoy cooking {but always enjoy eating!}. I grew up on a dirt road in a small town and am trying to embrace the challenges of Big City Living. Decorating my small, fifteenth-floor studio apartment has been a lot of fun, as has learning to dress professionally for my new job, around fancy city people – no more ugly dress pants and plain button-downs! I am so excited to share my projects, ideas, tips, and cat pictures. In a few months, I will be moving to an {extremely ugly} rental house on a wildlife refuge in Southern Texas. Love Nature. Love Decorating. Hello South Padre Island!

And this is Peanut


She is my roommate. Also my child.

This is Peanut as a baby


This is Peanut about a month ago