Creating a New Layout

The original house layout was very ‘compartmentalized.’ Each room had at least two doorways and there was a hallway running through the house wasting space. Our master bedroom had two doorways, the kitchen had three, and the dining room had two. So we tore down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, took out the tiny disgusting pantry, closed up one doorway which you can see {Here}, rerouted our bedroom entrance along with creating a little hallway so that the bedroom door didn’t open right up facing the stove, and took down a hallway wall to enlarge Ryker’s room.

Below is the original hallway.


At the end of the hall is the original entrance to the master bedroom. Right of that is one of the entrances to the kitchen. The first doorway to the left is Ryker’s room. We close off the master bedroom doorway and the kitchen entrance and tear down the wall between Ryker’s doorway and the end of the hallway. 


Tearing down the hallway wall!



Wall is down! 

After that wall was torn down we built a new doorway for him and closed the old hallway-to-kitchen doorway, and the original master bedroom doorway.


Ryker’s new doorway! We used the old door which i will NEVER do again. 

As you can see a little in the pic above, we also opened up the doorway from the hallway to the dining room.


This might not look like a huge change but it made the HUGEST difference!

The picture below shows the before and after of taking down the kitchen-dining room wall!