Slight Fix for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Tip of the Day

Ever get stuck with beer that you really do not enjoy the taste of? I do. This is because I sometimes choose my beer based on how pretty the bottlecaps are. I love making bottlecap crafts and right now I am making Christmas ornaments. About 20 minutes ago I bought Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Then I tried it and groooossssss lots of hops. Very bitter. I don’t like. There was no way I was going to drink a whole 6 pack with this taste. So I tried adding lime, and guess what, it is good {Well… it’s better at least}.


The lime doesn’t totally get rid of the bitterness but it does give you another flavor to focus on so you won’t notice it as much. This might seem obvious but I’ve tried adding lime in other beer that I don’t like and it doesn’t always make it better. Committed beer drinkers will never read my blog again.

But really, how perfect are these caps for Christmas ornaments!